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Why Choose Grupo Tierra Verde For Your Sourcing Needs?
Gold Bullion - Rough Uncut diamonds - Petroleum Products Supplier
Grupo Tierra Verde Provides Direct Access to Gold Bullion & Rough Uncut Diamonds

About Us!

The Grupo Tierra Verde Advantage

Our initiative to explore and develop gold resources in North, Central and South America and Africa has opened incredible opportunities for our business group towards assembling a high-quality portfolio of gold dore and uncut diamond resources. It is this research that justified the formation of Grupo Tierra Verde, a full service provider of petroleum products, gold dore, uncut diamonds, high value mining titles/claims leases, turnkey mining operations and sustainable energy solutions such as fuel cell and fuel cell research, green mining advocacy, and complete mining engineering services for North, Central and South America and Africa. During this period, we developed a strong and supportive network of businesses associates who, together, provide the basis for the company’s extended capabilities and new vertical markets into which we are expanding such as security.


Petroleum Products Supplier

The Grupo Tierra Verde T-R-A-D-E philosophy and direct market position enables us to swiftly offer real petroleum products such as crude oil, Jet A, Jet A1 & TS-1 aviation jet fuel, GasOil petroleum products such as ULSD, EN590, 500PPM and 50PPM D2 diesel fuel, D6 residual fuel oil variants and light, medium to heavy crude oil through our verifiable and performing petroleum products suppliers.

Wholesale Rough Uncut Diamonds

Grupo Tierra Verde provides wholesale rough uncut Kimberley Certified diamonds based upon CIF and FOB buying procedures to fully qualified buyers. Grupo Tierra Verde works direct with small to large scale uncut rough diamond mining companies in the major diamond producing countries in East and West Africa providing cost effective CIF buying procedures to the USA, UK, EU, HK and Dubai. Grupo Tierra Verde is continuously expanding our direct uncut rough diamond supply channels and availability to meet our clients needs.

Direct Gold Dore Supplier

Grupo Tierra Verde is a highly experienced direct gold dore supplier and trading company. Our core experience is fostered from over three decades of working in the gold industry ranging from gold mining, extraction, gold refining to worldwide distribution. Grupo Tierra Verde provides direct access to gold dore via secure and performing CIF based procedures to the USA, EU, UK, UAE (Dubai) & HK.

Gold Bullion Supplier

Grupo Tierra Verde provides direct access to gold bullion. The CIF and FOB deals are performing and and allow up to 5 MT's per month. Our core experience is fostered from over three decades of working in the gold industry ranging from gold mining, extraction, gold refining to worldwide gold bullion distribution.
petroleum products supplier, gold dore supplier, uncut diamonds supplier
Why Work With Grupo Tierra Verde ?

Grupo Tierra Verde at the core is an innovative mining company servicing the precious metals, gold dore and diamond industries. In-addition to extensive gold dore, gold bullion and uncut diamond trading experience, Grupo Tierra Verde represents direct title holders and sellers of petroleum products such as crude oil, aviation jet fuel such as Jet A, Jet A1 and TS-1, GasOil products, D6 fuels and LNG / LPG. Grupo Tierra Verde also services direct buyers and major buyers of petroleum products worldwide.

Our customers need a reliable gold, uncut rough diamonds and petroleum products trading partner that offers high-quality, comprehensive services and precise, tailored delivery – on time every time. We have built an organization, a structure and a culture that can achieve that anywhere in the world.

We only work with fully qualified buyers and suppliers. Professionalism is what we demand in all transactions we engage in. We are happy to work with industry experienced brokers. However, we do not tolerate broker chains and the joker brokers of the world that often act like they are the buyer or say they are direct to their buyer and are not..
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